Brand analysis

Brand insight
The pace of change in society increases, making the importance of analyzing the outside world's view of one's brand increase. Brand Analysis shows a brand's degree of awareness among the target group in relation to its competitors. It provides answers to what image the target group has of your and your competitors brands.
Furthermore, we analyze how you can reach your desired brand position, how to gain market shares and how to develop and position your brand.
We can also examine which future values to connect the brand and which values that can strengthen the brand's positioning in the market.

Mantap Globals brand analysis provides you with insights and knowledge about:
- The target audience brand awareness, attitude, experience and evaluation regarding the different brands in your industry.

The outcome of a brand analysis helps your company to gain better control of your brand image and also gives indications of which of its various factors that should be changed or improved. 
The survey results are the basis for the development of a plan to strengthen the brand and which strategies should be developed to gain further market shares.

Mantap Globals brand analysis should be seen as a management tool for developing your company or organization.
We provide an updated, complete and clear picture of your brand position. The analysis provides an explanatory illustration of why a phenomenon works as it does where we analyze the causal relationship between different variables. Useful insights are the product of extensive research and analysis.

Survey method
In Mantap Globals brand analysis we make sure to choose the right survey method for your needs. We have expertise in many different techniques such as, web surveys, omnibus surveys, postal surveys, face to face interviews and via social media, online communities and mobile phone.

The survey results are presented in simple and clear reports with accompanying statistical analysis.

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