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Consumer Insight
Understanding your customers have become an absolute necessity in today's competitive market. Growth is created by raising customer loyalty and by acquiring new customers. Every customer has their own preferences and needs, but that does not mean you can´t find areas that are important to most of them. Therefore, it is important to examine what drives your specific customers. Strong customer relationships leading to more sales and high customer satisfaction is a key to success.

Mantap Globals customer surveys provides you with insights and knowledge about:
- Who are your customers and what is important to them?
- How satisfied are your customers with you and what is required for them to become even more satisfied?
- What influence and drives customer loyalty?
- Which customers you possibly can lose and what are the underlying causes?
- What do customers expect from you in terms of information, service and knowledge?
- What do your customers consider to be your strengths and weaknesses?
- Consumption patterns - when, where and how do they shop?
- How likely are they to recommend your company to friends or colleagues?

Mantap Globals customer surveys provides you with relevant information on how to keep customers satisfied and profitable. Our surveys also provide a better understanding of your customer relationship today and how it can be improved.
Mantap Global customer surveys should be seen as a management tool for developing your company or organization.
We provide an updated, complete and clear picture of your position on the market.
The analysis provides an explanatory illustration of why a phenomenon works as it does where we analyze the causal relationship between different variables. Useful insights are the product of extensive research and analysis.

Survey method
In Mantap Globals customer surveys we make sure to choose the right survey method for your needs. We have expertise in many different techniques such as, web surveys, omnibus surveys, postal surveys, face to face interviews and via social media, online communities and mobile phone.
The survey results are presented in simple and clear reports with accompanying statistical analysis.

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