Market analysis

Market insight
Mantap Globals market analysis includes everything from market surveys to analysis on the demand of products and services.

Common to our market analysis is that the results provide a better understanding of market needs, behavior and development.

Mantap Globals market analysis provides you with insights and knowledge about:
- Your market's needs, motivations, attitudes, trends and behavior.
- Potential and interest for new products and services.
- Who are your competitors and what opportunities there are on the market.
- Analysis of marketing channels, partners, customers and suppliers on your market.
- In what target audiences is the demand biggest and what are they prepared to pay a certain price for a product or service.
- How customers perceive your products and services.

Mantap Globals market analysis
can advantageously be used when a company wants to start or develop a new business area or when trying to reach a new target audience or when broadening their product range.
Our analyzes will help to increase the chances for success in a competitive market through increased awareness and knowledge of the market.
Mantap Global's market analysis should be seen as a management tool for developing your company or organization.
We provide an updated, complete and clear picture of your position on the market. The analysis provides an explanatory illustration of why a phenomenon works as it does where we analyze the causal relationship between different variables. Useful insights are the product of extensive research and analysis.

Survey method
In Mantap Globals market analysis
we make sure to choose the right survey method for your needs. We have expertise in many different techniques such as, web surveys, omnibus surveys, postal surveys, face to face interviews and via social media, online communities and mobile phone.

The survey results are presented in simple and clear reports with accompanying statistical analysis.

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