Media analysis

Media analysis is our collective name for assays that include campaign measurement, audience analysis and ad analysis.

Common to all of our research is that it gives you insights, data and knowledge on:
- Information used to identify and define marketing problems and opportunities.
- Analyze marketing performance and improve understanding of marketing as a process.


Mantap Global's media analysis ensures that your communications efforts follow your strategy and lead to planned results.

Campaign Measurement measures the impact of a marketing campaign and ensures that the campaign led to the success of your business goals.
- Did you reach the right target audience?
- To what extent did your target audience notice your campaign?
- In which marketing channels did they notice the campaign?
- What did the target audience think of the campaign?
- Did they understand the message of the campaign?
- What choices are the target audience planning to take after having seen the campaign?
?Implementing campaign measurements is a must for future campaigns to be successful.

Target group analysis gives an accurate picture of how the target audience looks like and where and how to most effectively reach a specific audience. Which provides answers to the following questions:
- What is it that drives, characterizes and makes your target group unique?
- Which media and search patterns does the target audience have?
- What is the target group's consumption patterns, when, where, how and why does the audience consume products and services?

Mantap Global's surveys should be seen as a management tool for developing your company or organization.
We provide an updated, complete and clear picture of your position on the market.
The analysis provides an explanatory illustration of why a phenomenon works as it does where we analyze the causal relationship between different variables. Useful insights are the product of extensive research and analysis.

Survey method
In Mantap Globals market analysis we make sure to choose the right survey method for your needs. We have expertise in many different techniques such as, web surveys, omnibus surveys, postal surveys, face to face interviews and via social media, online communities and mobile phone.

The survey results are presented in simple and clear reports with accompanying statistical analysis.

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