About us

Mantap Global is an independent supplier of market and brand analyses for the Nordic market.

About us

Mantap Global is an independent supplier of market and brand analyses for the Nordic market.

That’s how we want to work

Although we are active in a world filled with numbers, graphs and percentage, the most important and interesting part is our customer relationships.

From the start we have always tried to do that little extra, precisely to nurture and develop the most important thing we have, our relationship with customers. From the beginning it was more instinct than tactics but as time went by, an idea came up about how we wanted to work to be able to offer something a little different in our industry. To sum it all up, we chose a word, namely:

Together. Because that’s how we want to work.

We realized that in order to achieve our goal of creating, conducting and delivering studies and insights of the highest quality, it is not enough that only our expertise in analysis and research is used. We also need to listen and learn from our customers. The truth is that they know their industry better than us and only by working together can we deliver the best result.

Three things that you can always expect from us:
1. First-class service
2. A strong willingness to cooperate
3. Insights that simplify decision-making


Mantap Global was founded in 2014 and quickly established itself in the Swedish market. Today we have 7 full-time employees and have established ourselves as a leading supplier of market and brand analyses for the Nordic market. Since 2017 we have been in Denmark and new for 2019 is Finland and Norway.

Mantap Global is currently employee-owned and without other ownership interests from the industry, which ensures objectivity in our analyses. Today we have 3 different nationalities represented within the company, with the hope of becoming even more in the future.

We also do a lot of surveys outside the Nordic region. With our panel, we can reach more than 100 million people in over 150 countries.

Past experience

In addition to the skills we have in research and analysis through, among other things, university degrees, office manager at analytics companies and strategist at advertising agency, we also have experiences that help us understand our customers’ everyday lives. In our previous “lives” we have been a nurse, golf instructor, farmer and team leader at an airport store.

We would like our employees to bring experiences from other industries so we can learn from it, so do not hesitate to contact us if you would be interested in working with us and feel that Mantap Global sounds like an interesting company to work for.

Mantap Global is an independent market research company specializing in the Nordic market.